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While working with advisers at Frontline you wil be asked to provide sufficient data to allow us to communicate with people that are associated with your case. Such data will allow them to identify you, and the data that they hold that is relevant to the case. Such data will include, for example,  Name, Address, Telephone and Email, Creditor names and Addresses, Creditor Account Details, Government Agency (such as HMRC) References, etc.

Frontline will store physical records of the data provided in locked cabinets within the Frontline office.

Computer records of the data provided will also be held. These records will be on password protected computers which are always under the control of Frontline personnel, and/or on the servers of our 'cloud' storage provider, i.e. Dropbox. Details of security and privacy policies provided by Dropbox can be found on their website,

Contact us about your data

You can contact us at any time to ask us:

  • what information we have stored about you
  • to update the data we hold about you
  • to delete your details from our records

Send us a message at